How to Save Money with Reproduction Eames Furniture

You cannot question the supreme quality of an Eames chair. The cost of purchasing one though can make it unobtainable to many people though. A cost-effective solution to this is a quality reproduction.

The Eames chair is infamous across the world. It is associated with quality, comfort and unbelievable styling. Eames chairs come in all shapes and sizes. There is a quality seating solution from everything from a simple Kitchen chair right through to the most luxurious of loungers.

The thing never in dispute with an Eames chair is the quality. There is expert craftsmanship that goes into every aspect. There is always a guarantee of true style and quality in one neat package. However, the one downside of an Eames chair can sometimes be the cost. This level of quality comes at a cost that is often out of the typical price range.

One solution is to purchase an Eames style copy. These are cheaper to purchase but copy a lot of aspects of the Eames furniture. They often benefit from similar styling so are still comfortable and look great. Unfortunately, these copies can often be very low quality. While this makes them more affordable it can have an obvious compromise on the quality. This can lead to durability issues. In other cases they simply are not as functional or comfortable as the real thing. You are not really doing the Eames chair justice with one of these cheap copies.

The other option if you can’t afford the real thing is to invest in a quality reproduction piece. Quality reproductions offer the perfect blend of affordability and quality. Styling is often absolutely fantastic and the comfort is still there in bucket loads. A quality reproduction also uses similar materials and building techniques meaning that you don’t lose any of the functionality or durability of the real thing.

Quality reproduction companies often have a large choice and variety of pieces meaning that you can easily cover any of your requirements. They are much more long-lasting than cheap copies. The savings are still significant and allow you to taste the luxury and comfort that a true Eames Chair offers.

Quality reproductions often come with a full guarantee too. Cheap copy companies often have no guarantee whatsoever and poor customer service.

In short, for the best value when it comes to Eames chairs you should avoid cheap copies. Instead, always opt for a quality reproduction for the perfect balance of authenticity and cost-effectiveness.