Baby Decorating with Wall Stickers

Wall stickers allow you to create a custom nursery for your baby that can be easily changed without having to repaint the room or spend much money or time on the project. Your baby will likely outgrow her nursery within her first couple of years, which makes a no-hassle decorating…


Use the wall stickers to set the scene for a themed baby nursery.
Glow-in-the-dark stars, moons, planets and galaxies can decorate the
ceiling and upper portions of the walls to create an outdoor night sky
to see the baby off into dreamland every night. Alternatively, castles
and storybook princesses complement a princess or fairy-tale theme.
Train tracks, trains, stations and trees work for a transportation
theme. Fish, mermaids, seahorses, seashells, sea turtles or dolphins can
be used separately or together for an under-the-sea theme.


Create a mural that’s interchangeable with different themes, especially
if the baby has to share his bedroom with a sibling. Green grass, trees
and birds in the sky can all serve as a background mural for insects,
zoo animals, farm animals or a jungle theme. Alternatively, use wall
stickers to create a personal mural, such as a large tree where you can
hang family photos to create the baby’s family tree. Add puffy white
clouds, a bright yellow sun and a rainbow off in the distance.


Use wall stickers with letters or words that look like a custom paint
job when applied on the walls. Spell out the baby’s name above her crib,
or take it a step further and spell out what her name means. Put up a
quote or phrase that is meaningful to you. Use nursery rhymes or a
personal poem you’ve written to your baby if you want something more


Decorate your baby’s walls with interactive wall stickers he can play
with when he’s able to get around on his own. Create a border around the
room using the alphabet letters that “talk” when the child presses on
the letters. Add shapes, colors and numbers for a completely interactive
learning experience. Sticker puzzles or growth charts are other
interactive options. Additionally, there are race car tracks with
interchangeable race cars or dolls with different clothes and
accessories. Whatever you are looking for, you are likely to find it in a
baby wall decal.

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